The Big Bang Theory Season 9 (2015)

Amy has broken up with Sheldon because she can no longer tolerate his insensitivity to her needs, while Leonard and Penny have moved in the other direction, Penny who can overlook Leonard's admission to making out with another woman in a drunken stupor enough so that they are still proceeding with their Las Vegas elopement. But while Sheldon turns to Leonard for advice and Penny talks to Amy about the break-up, the resulting discussions could affect both the break-up and the wedding. With Leonard and Penny out of town, Amy and Sheldon also turn to others for advice and support - Amy who has been invited to watch a special on-line streamed video with Howard and Bernadette - while Sheldon and Amy have differing perspectives of the phrase "need a little time". Meanwhile, Stuart has the want to do something a little inappropriate.